Celebrating the HeloAppStore success

Celebrating the HeloAppStore success

In the few weeks since our HeloAppStore came online, many developers have asked for information, and users are excited about the upcoming apps.

We feel it’s important to remind everyone that the official Helo app, available on Google Play and the App Store, contains just the basic Helo measurements—we want to give freedom to the developers to extend the power of the Helo devices.

For this reason, we want to report about the first app completely developed with Open API, which is available on our HeloAppStore. The HEKA app, developed by a new Silicon Valley company, has been available on our store for several weeks now and is already experiencing huge success. HEKA contains all the measurements you need for your Helo, including ones you don’t find on the official Helo app. Also, the creators of HEKA have reported to us that in the upcoming upgrade of the HEKA app, they will add the integration of Lifelog, a feature that offers users daily, weekly and monthly reports.

We sincerely recommend installing this amazing app that was created by the smart, young minds under the warm Californian sun!

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