HEKA Corp releases H4G, an app to collect high density PPG

HEKA Corp releases H4G, an app to collect high density PPG

Following on from an intensive internal development and testing phase, HEKA Corp is now preparing for the final stages of its technology development by conducting a worldwide, non-invasive glucose monitoring evaluation study.
This international study will use a non-invasive, unique, custom made, high-density PPG device to gather data and will employ artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to refine the device accuracy.
At least five hundred people who already monitor their blood glucose using traditional methods are required to participate in this, the first international, non-invasive, blood glucose monitoring HEKA study.  Participants will be required to share their blood glucose results measured with traditional methods with HEKA, while at the same time HEKA will measure their blood glucose remotely and non-invasively.  After two weeks, HEKA will collate the results and provide initial feedback to the participants.  Sometime later, the process will be repeated.
HEKA Corp. has announced the availability of H4G, the app designed for the HEKA Advanced PPG Device.

If you already monitor your glucose measurements using traditional methods and you are willing to share your results with us, HEKA would like to hear from you.

In the next few days, a webpage will be created to submit your request to participate.

You will be required to enter your details, including why you measure your blood glucose and if you are selected, you will participate in perhaps one of the most important social-health projects of this century.

This is truly the beginning of a new era in m-health, where HEKA and WOR(l)D are leading the industry.

HEKA H4G is available now for Android , iOS coming in the next few days.