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Helo Device


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Product Description

Run along with your Helo! Do your workout, start your fitness session! And do it with class and technology assisting you.

HeloFit is the first app designed for your Helo to monitor running, workout and fitness sessions. With a few clicks, you can pair your smartphone and your Helo to have a personal assistant for your sessions.

  • 3 sessions mode
  • GPS Real Time Path
  • Continuous Heart Beat Monitoring
  • Session Report
  • Music IntegrationContinuous update will keep your app always cool and synchronized to your lifestyle.
  • Voice Notifications
  • User Profile Management
  • Weather Forecast
  • Scheduling session
  • Session Listing
  • Sharing a session with other users, deleting session
  • Inviting friends for a session
  • Listing friends status wise (Pending/Accepted/Not invited)
  • Invitation Screen for accept or decline invitation
  • Notifications for Mobile and Device battery
  • Setting for HR range, Speed, Calories, and Distance
  • Settings for Frequency, Information and System Settings
  • Advance Location capture mechanism
  • Draw path over the map
  • Advanced report with tracking path for performance analysis
  • Collecting parameter like HR, Calories, Steps, Speed, Altitude

Legal disclaimer
The measurements are for self-evaluation only and are not intended to substitute any clinic or medical diagnostics or measurements. All values should be considered ambulatory measurements and are subject to variants with a high grade of tolerance in the accuracy. Please consult your doctor or therapist in case of inconsistency in the values measured, or in any case which the measurements indicate any normal or abnormal results. Important: People with pacemakers and pregnant women should not use magnetic and mineral stones therapy products. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Legal Information: minerals, stones, and magnetic products are considered unproven remedies and their action is not recognized in regular medicine. Minerals, stones and magnetic products are not to be seen as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments.